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Reach your audience, Increase your customer Base & Grow Your Business Quickly

".... AMJ Marketing is what started my business, and everyday there forward has been nothing but the best service and advertising. Well worth every dime."

- Bill LaFauci| President | Visions Elevator

Google Advertising

Remarketing & Retargeting

Social Media Advertising

About AMJ Advertising

Advertising is at the core of what of what we do at AMJ. It’s our bread and butter – and we’ll make it yours too.  This is especially true for businesses who need results now - not a year or two from now. Why? Because advertising can reach your customers right away. Once we turn your ads on, potential will see them immediately.


Provided you have the right tools in place, such as a beautiful, effective website and an effective sales process, advertising can actually start to move the needle for you immediately, sometimes even begging the day we launch a campaign.


Note that because advertising is one of our core services, we’re not outsourcing it to another agency or a freelancer. We build and design our advertising campaigns ourselves to integrate with the rest of your business initiatives. The result is that an advertising program that you can leverage for the long-term as a means of customer acquisition, increasing or decreasing ad spend - and new customers - according to your specific business strategy.

About Advertising
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Google Advertising

Here’s something we hear a lot from customers: “How do I get to the top of Google?”


That’s an important question and one that we’re also concerned with - how to make your business the #1 result on Google search results – above your competition. The easiest way to do this is through PPC (“pay-per-click”) advertising using Google Ads.


You may have noticed that when you search for something you are interested in on Google or Bing, for example, ads show up. In fact, you may have even clicked on those ads without realizing it; it happens all the time. That is exactly how we get you to the #1 spot on Google search results.


These are called “pay-per-click” ads because you pay a small fee each time someone clicks on one. Our focus is making sure you pay the least amount for each click. 


So what’s the trick to PPC advertising? Getting the lowest price per click is only part of it.


Some digital marketers will tell you that’s all there is to it. But we know better - and this will make perfect sense to you as a business owner. What we know is that it’s not the price per click, it’s the price per customer. What’s the point of getting thousands of clicks if you get no customers? We’re laser focused on getting you the best “CPA” (cost-per-acquisition), which basically means: how much do you need to pay to get a new customer using PPC ads.

Keep in mind too, that PPC ads can happen all over the place, not just on search results. Once you realize this you’ll see them everywhere: on websites, on YouTube, on mobile apps, even shopping sites like Amazon.


So where do we run PPC ads?


Anywhere and everywhere we can get you new customers at the lowest cost. We know all the major platforms and will help you decide which are the best ones for your business.

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media ads let you reach potential customers that you can’t reach with PPC ads.


The biggest Social Media advertising platform, Facebook plus Instagram, allows you to to reach over 200 million people in the United States.

In fact, it is essential for a digital marketing agency like AMJ to provide a Social Media advertising because of the fact that for some of you (or for some of your customers), search advertising on Google, Bing, and AOL won’t work.


Either there are restrictions in place, it’s too competitive, or your customers just aren’t there as much as they are on Social Media. We all know people who spend much more time on Facebook than looking things up on Google.


"You need to craft your marketing to fit into the lives of today’s consumers."
–Gary Vaynerchuk


We’ve helped many customer find success with Social Media advertising where Google and the rest of the search engines didn’t make sense.


Because Facebook is so important to our customers (and because, frankly, we find Facebook advertising fascinating), we are Facebook Ads Certified advertisers by the Facebook Blueprint certification program[5] .


By the way, the Facebook Blueprint certification program is administered live by Facebook employees and makes cheating impossible. You have to know your stuff – we know ours.


One of the advantages of being Facebook Certified is that it also means you can run effective ad campaigns on Instagram. You might be thinking, “Instagram - so what?”. But Instagram’s user base is surprisingly enormous - as of June 2018, it has over 1 billion users, including younger users who many businesses should be targeting.


How do all this? Well, as with search engine advertising, we write compelling, useful and informative advertisements. After all, you have nothing to gain from tricking people into using your services.


We find you customers who want to pay you for your products and services.

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Complimentary Consultations & Marketing Plans

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Social Media



One of the most important but little known digital advertising techniques is called “remarketing”, also called “retargeting”. What is remarketing and where does it happen? Remarketing is ways of doing traditional “awareness” advertising (like Radio and TV) but in a very targeted way, that doesn’t cost you nearly as much money.


Here’s how it works. When a user clicks your ad and visits your site, or calls your business, that same user is stored in the system. The next time they are using the Internet, they will see your business name again!


Maybe the first time they visited your site from a Google search ad, or a Facebook ad.


The next time, they could be anywhere. They could be on YouTube. They could be on Instagram. Or maybe just a normal website they like to visit.


Where ever they are, they will see your remarketing ad and be reminded of your business.


Remarketing is based on the “Rule of Seven”. The Rule of Seven is an old theory in marketing that simply states that a customer needs to see your business 7 times before becoming likely to do business with you.


How many times have your prospective customer seen or heard about your business?

To penetrate the buyer's consciousness and make significant penetration in a given market, you have to contact the prospect a minimum of seven times within an 18-month period
- Dr. Jeffrey Lant, author and marketing theorist


Remarketing ads are so effective that one of the most famous digital advertisers of all time, Larry Kim, famously spends a half million dollars a year on them. By the way, Larry Kim, who was one of the first people ever to advertise on Google, just sold his company for 350 million dollars, so we trust him when he says, “remarketing ads are freaking awesome”.


In fact, many marketing strategists believe that not using remarketing in conjunction with PPC or Social Media advertising is a wasted opportunity.


We’re happy to help understand whether remarketing makes sense for your business and help you get started.


We'd love to hear from you

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