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AMJ Marketing is a full-service marketing and business development agency with an obsessive focus on increasing revenue for you, our client. That sales success mindset comes from the company founders and infects everyone who works with the firm, from employees to partners and customers.


Our deep sales experience is an essential ingredient to AMJ (and one which many marketing agencies don't understand). At AMJ our belief is that if our services don't result in a net increase in your sales – and your revenue –  we haven't done our job. Sales is in our DNA.


Our beliefs


One of our essential beliefs is baked right into our name: sales and marketing. We understand that these two disciplines work together. Both sales and marketing are responsible for getting leads – and both are responsible for closing them. We also understand that without an increase in sales over time, there is no point to marketing and advertising campaigns. We don't believe in charging our clients money to run vanity marketing campaigns.


What makes your business unique?


We have another important belief: just as AMJ is different from other marketing agencies, we know that *your business is entirely unique*. By identifying why and how your business is unique, we position your business as the ideal one for your customers to pick up the phone and call.


We also believe that customer service is not "old-fashioned". Read our 5-star reviews on Google and you'll see exactly what we mean. Some marketing firms sell pre-packaged "set-it-and-forget-it" solutions that try to solve the problem of lead generation with automated technology solutions.


"Don't find a fault. Find a remedy."

– Henry Ford


Make no mistake, we are big believers in cutting edge technology. But there will never be a replacement for top-notch customer service. We agree with Henry Ford: don't worry about whose fault it is, just fix it. Make it work. When you work with AMJ Marketing, you get customized, fast, and extremely valuable customer service whenever you want it.

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