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About AMJ Social Media

If  you’re serious about investing in sales and marketing for your business, we urge you not to discount the growing power of Social Media.  Now more than ever,  as usage grows but advertisers haven’t yet caught up, Social Media represents a huge opportunity. It’s not the only piece of the puzzle for your sales and marketing strategy, but we can’ think of a single customer we’ve worked with who wouldn’t benefit from Social Media Marketing.

“If you do not spend a disproportionate amount of your time, over the next 24 months, massively figuring out Facebook and Instagram, you will leave an enormous amount of money on the table” – Gary Vaynerchuk


When we talk to our clients about about Social Media marketing, there are few misconceptions that we usually need to clarify. Here’s a very common one: the idea that “your customer” isn’t on Social Media. Business owners sometimes assume that their prospective customers are not on Facebook and Messenger, not on LinkedIn,  and not on Instagram. Or they assume that if their customers are on Social Media, it’s only for social reasons. 


While it’s possible that your business is so niche that you don’t have a single customer on Social Media, in our experience, that is just not the case.


In fact, we believe that most of your customers are on one Social Media platform or another. 


And as to the objection that they are not there to “do business”, we have also found that to be a misconception – of how Social Media Marketing works. The goal of social content or advertisements isn’t necessarily to make a sale in the moment the customer is exposed to your brand; the goal may be to introduce your business name to a new customer who has never heard of you. Or to remind them of the time they did business with you.


Consider this: when a customer is driving down the freeway and sees a billboard, is that advertisement non-effective because, “they’re not there (driving on the highway) to do business?”


No – it’s still effective, even if it doesn’t result in a sale in that very moment. Social Media marketing works the same way, except it’s much more targeted (if you do it right) and therefore more cost effective. It’s also easier to know whether or not it’s getting results. And that’s true whether your Social Media Marketing strategy is “paid” (advertisements) or non-paid (content strategy).


A strong, strategic Social Media presence will make your customers feel that they are dealing with a real, active company - no matter how long it’s been since they saw you in person.


Social Media is a multi-sided  marketing tool, too.


Not only can be used to make potential new customers aware of you, it’s an excellent way to sustain ongoing customer relationships in the long term. Customers who love you and your business want to show their appreciation on Social Media. Let’s give them that opportunity, letting them virally promote your business to their friends and family.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

-Jeff Bezos, CEO at



Careful though – Social Media cuts both ways. Use it not only to attract new customers and cultive great relationships, but to take care of dissatisfied customers - and make sure the world can see that you care about the value of your products and services to your customers. Use Social Media to protect your image. We’ll show you how.


Below we discuss these techniques  using the primary Social Media channels. Between them - Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn - you can reach over 80% of the entire US population, and if you do it correctly, you can do so without breaking the bank.

About Social Media


Just as your business needs a website to be taken seriously, it also needs a Facebook page.


Why does Facebook matter so much?  To be frank, because it has so many users. According to the statistics website Statista, as of Summer 2018, Facebook had 214 million users in the US alone (and 1.8 billion world-wide).  That’s partly why it’s the world’s 2nd largest ad platform after Google.


Coupled with Facebook Messenger, whose usage by itself has now reached 1.2 billion people, chances are good that Facebook will allow you to reach at least 70% or more of your customers, be they in Miami, all of South Florida, or the entire United States.


Speaking of location, Facebook has the powerful ability to micro-target users by they live and where they are located at the time they see your content. And that’s just one of the thousands of “segments” you can use to target customers.


Facebook is also a place for your customers to publicly declare, “I like your business and I like you”. If you work with AMJ, one of our strategic goals will be to maximize the number of followers (likes) for your business’s Facebook page.


A Facebook page is also a perfect place to publish content, especially photos and videos of your business. This is especially true while you are working on transforming your website into its own content publishing platform. Why wait? Start now. Maybe you have a beautiful business venue, or product packaging, maybe an employee with a great smile - maybe a customer with a happy face. Show the world what your business creates!


The more followers your Facebook page attracts, the more people will be exposed to your content; if you do it right, you can reach thousands of customers with very little (or no) investment in advertising spending.

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As famous internet marketer Gary Vaynerchuk points out above, your business should be investing in Facebook and Instagram. We generally agree – Gary is talking in generalities in that quote, because he’s trying to make a point about Social Media.


What he and AMJ both will tell you, though, is your Instagram strategy depends on who your customers are; if they are in the younger, “under-30” age ranges, Instagram is a must.


According to Statista, a whopping 64% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram, as of the Fall of 2018. Furthermore, in the South Florida area, our unscientific opinion as professional digital marketers is that up to 90% percent of South Floridians under 30 are on the Instagram platform. And they are more likely to spend time there than on Facebook.


Go where your customers are.


In other words, advertise on the Social Media platform where you’re customers are most likely to be. But once you get there, the strategy will differ a little bit from platform to platform. Our Instagram approach, for example, ranges from direct advertising, to content generation, to comment-thread engagement.


As with Facebook (which also owns Instagram, by the way), you want to build a following around your Instagram page, so that your content reaches more people. But with Instagram, you should be a little more focused on image and video content and even more consistent with publishing that material, because Instagram is a busy place where high-volume content production is the norm.


For that reason, our team helps customers produce engaging content and interaction, from quick posts, to comments, even video and photo editing and posting.


As with Facebook, what you need to make this happen is a professional content strategy, along with an editorial calendar, that helps you formalize your approach to publishing content and building engagement with customers.


And last but not least, you need experienced Social Media marketers to make this happen. Working with us, you’ll notice a the following outcomes:


  • We’ll increase your followers

  • We’ll help you design a content strategy

  • We’ll execute on that strategy and consistently publish good content

  • You’ll learn how to do all this yourselves


By the way - what’s the goal of all this? Ultimately, it’s to increase sales.

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Like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has been around for a while. And many people still think, “LinkedIn, that’s just a place for job hunters” or “That’s just a place to put your ‘online resume’”.


But times are changing - and quickly. Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, they have transformed the platform from a fairly “boring” place to put your resume and connect with work colleagues, to a dynamic, active Social Media platform. It has truly become Facebook for business.


Nowadays, you can’t just be on LinkedIn, you have to be active.


If your business sells to other businesses, LinkedIn could be an excellent marketing platform for you. And even if it doesn’t, it could be a place to reach customers that maybe you can’t reach on Facebook.


While usership doesn’t equal Facebook, there are still over half a billion LinkedIn users worldwide and over 170 million in the United States. And here’s the interesting statistic: active LinkedIn users on average have much more disposable income than users on other Social Media platforms.


So even if you sell directly to consumers, if what you’re selling is “high-ticket”, we may advise you to consider reaching new customers via LinkedIn.


How do this happen? There are many similarities to marketing on Facebook.


As with Facebook, LinkedIn provides an advertising platform letting you design a variety of customized ads, including “lead capture” ads, similar to Facebook Lead Ads, standard text ads in the sidebar, and featured ads that display in the main content area. Featured ads are similar to content that you might post, except that you can “boost” their distribution and get them seen by your target audience.


By targeting users by location, job title (or even former job title), company, company size, and many more traits, it’s possible to ensure that the ads you pay for on LinkedIn are only shown to people who might want to  buy from you.


While LinkedIn may not make sense for all of our customers, for some of you it’s a very important consideration. We’ll be sure to carefully review your business model to determine whether it makes sense for your business.

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