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"isolated relevant customers & created a website that makes us look more professional and accessible"

- Dyvonne Guide, Vice President | Williams International

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Professional Copywriting

About AMJ Website Creation

Here’s what most marketing agencies don’t understand: in today's economy, your website is the building block of your business's marketing efforts. You can write great Facebook ads, hire excellent phone and email sales people, even have an excellent reputation for your business. But if you have a website that:


  • Looks bad and unprofessional

  • Doesn’t work on mobile device

  • Doesn’t load fast (don’t you HATE a slow-loading webpage?)

  • Doesn’t have convincing, helpful sales copy

  • Isn’t super easy to update and manage


Then you’re in trouble. Then all your talent, and all the work that goes into marketing, is wasted. That’s why we make rapid, responsive website development one of our foundational services.

And we don’t dally either. Some web design and development companies spend months developing websites, but we have a different approach: we build websites lightning-fast – once all the right pieces are in place, sometimes we’ll build your site in as little as one or two weeks. However, we don’t sacrifice quality of design for speed. As we discuss later, we make our mark with the creative quality of our clients’ websites.


We understand that you have a precise budget a limited timeframe; we need to get that website up and running, so that you don’t lose momentum and don’t get off track.

Our Process

Web design and development is complex work but we make it simple for your by using the same tried and true process to manage work

  • Information gathering, which will let us look at your existing site (if you have one)

  • Planning, including determining the best Web CMS product for your business (we’ll be your guide)

  • Design, build, and write your website in that Web CMS (we talk about these in detail below)

  • Advise and train you how to easily use it


That’s our process in a nutshell. Just tells us your business goals; we’ll take care of the rest.

Technologies we use

You may have heard things like, “we specialize in ________”. Fill in the blank: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly. Or you have heard people talk about “page builders”, like DIVI or Gutenberg.


Don’t worry about the “sales funnel” tools you might have heard of or even tried: ClickFunnels, LeadPages, ActiveCampaign, and others. These are just ways of building sales-oriented websites  for people without technical ability.  If it does make sense for your business to use products like this and again, AMJ will be trusted advisor in selecting the right tools for your business.


"AMJ will be trusted advisor in selecting the right tools for your business website."

Whatever tool you’re using, chances are we have run into it, from the big ones like WordPress, all the way down to some obscure system that normal people have never heard of. The technology doesn’t change our core services, design, SEO, and copywriting.

Website Design
About Web Design
Web Design Outline

Website Design

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you visit a site and then immediately forget about it? You say, “what was the name of that site, I forget”. That’s because many sites use cookie-cutter designs. So, they literally look like thousands of other sites. They also tend to look less professional.


AMJ designs, however, are beautiful, sleek, modern, and unforgettable. Your customers will definitely remember you after the first visit.


We’ve developed our design process by paying careful attention to the latest trends in digital design and branding. We’re constantly learning and relearning the art of web design. We’ve been doing this long enough to know that for our types of clients, our design approach will give you the greatest long term success in both your online marketing and traditional sales process.

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Complimentary Consultations & Marketing Plans

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Professional Copywriting

Here’s an opportunity for your business to truly set itself apart: words. Copywriting is by far the most overlooked piece of website marketing and marketing in general. At AMJ though, we know from experience how important it is and what an opportunity it represents for your business.

  • Make your website visitors more likely to become leads whom you have permission to contact

  • If you sell directly online, make your visitors more likely to become customers

  • Keep your customers reading longer, so that they remember your business

  • Let your new and existing customers know about more of your services

  • Reassure customers who are on the fence; let them know you’re a serious business and provide an excellent services.


How do we achieve these results? For one thing, our copywriters are a perfect fit for the type of businesses we work with. Whatever type of business you have, chances are that they have some kind of personal connection to your kind of business.

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Complimentary Consultations & Marketing Plans

Call Now: (888) 214-9796


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In combination with providing excellent copy, we also build SEO into every one of our customers’ sites. There's a lot that goes into a business website that is perfectly optimized for SEO, and here are a couple types of SEO that we specialize in:


Local SEO. Apart from ecommerce, our core clients have a local customer base. Your customers may not care exactly where you are located, but they care that they can drive to you. They also want to be able to quickly locate your business, call you, and figure out when you’re open.


SERP Branding SEO or “Reputation Management” (SERP is short for “Search Engine Results Page). What did you see the last time you searched Google for your business name? Did you see your website at the top of the results? And if you did, did it make your business look good, describe what you do, and ask the visitor to take action - like visit your site?


How about the rest of the results – your results, or results belonging to other people’s business. Is your phone number easy to find – how about your location and the an attractive photo of your location?


All of these features and more are dictated what SERP page branding - which is a fancy way of saying, how good do you look to your customer when they Google your business name?


To make all of this happen, we not only write relevant, engaging copy, but we edit the technical elements of your website - meta tags and descriptions, SEO page titles; we even pay close attention to your “URL” for each one of your pages. And we take care of other technical pieces too, like submitting to search engine directories, making sure you’re listed on Google & Bing Maps and more.


At the core of SEO, however, is providing something valuable to your readers. That’s where AMJ’s Content Marketing practice comes into play.


Our Content Marketing approach can help you:


  • Develop a blog about your business services that attracts visitors (and reassures potential customers that you know what you are talking about!)

  • If you are more of a visual business, create a steady photo stream showcasing the work your business does for its customers

  • Create a coordinated system for publishing your blog content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Help get articles about your business published in other publications.


There are many ways to use a website a sales and marketing tool – and many specialties that go into it. But we believe in keeping in simple: we suggest you only adopt the strategies and tactics that will have an immediate impact on your business.

Ready to figure out what that is?


We'd love to hear from you

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