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Ready For More Appliance Repair Customers?

Appliance Repair Center by AMJ Marketing is the nations leading network of the top rated appliance repair companies. Through it's proprietary digital marketing properties, Appliance Repair Center generates thousands of calls from consumers looking for a trusted appliance repair technician. Appliance repair center sends these calls directly to your phone, providing our members an easy way to grow their company risk-free and headache-free. 

Features & Benefits

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High Value Customers

Appliance Repair Center sends you premium, private pay, COD (cash on delivery) customers who are ready to fix a major home appliance. Gone are the days of waiting for payouts from warranty companies or wasting your time, effort and money on low quality leads that are non-exclusive or simply do not convert to actual appointments. Join Appliance Repair Center and control your prices, your schedule, and your money.

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Scaleable Solutions

The Appliance Repair Center footprint spans across every major digital network including but not limited to: Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, &  TikTok. For that reason, we are able to scale in any direction, whether you are a solo practice that can take a couple clients per week or a mulit-location fleet that can take as many new customers as we send your way. No matter the size - we have a solution for you.

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Dedicated Support

Our reputation speaks for itself & making sure that you receive premium support is our #1 priority. With dedicated account management, you will always have someone that you can speak with and contact for any account questions, concerns or even business advice.

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Zero Risk

Unlike any other marketing program,  Appliance Repair Center is the first and only program to guarantee results by creating a straightforward and transparent partnership that requires no upfront payments or fees.  The only time you are billed is when you receive a qualified exclusive call for a residential appliance repair - no gimmicks, no hidden fees. Call to find out pricing in your area.

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