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Grow Your Appliance Repair Company Today

More Calls | More Customers | More Revenue

Our business has been flourishing since we signed on with AMJ's Appliance Repair division. In the first month we saw more than 100 calls come in...

-Hazem Elhassan | CEO | FL Appliance Repair Center

How Does It Work?

Give us a call, answer a few questions and we'll start sending you calls. It's that simple! No need to spend thousands of dollars on a website and no need to keep wasting money with other companies that make you bid on the same job as all your competitors!

How Much Does It Cost?

Budget is determined by you, our client. We offer different price levels depending on how much calls your company is able or wanting to take and what territories you're looking to lock in.

Why Choose AMJ?

As a leader in appliance repair advertising, AMJ has tested thousands of ads and accrued valuable data which allow us to apply the best practices to your campaigns which translates into you receiving the best results at the lowest prices. We are so confident in our services that we do not tie you into any long term contracts or agreements.

How Do I Start?

Whether you have questions or are ready to get started, we're here to help!

Thanks for submitting!

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