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Tangible results in the form of dollars

“Inquiries come in daily ... our numbers have grown by 4x "

I had to find a better way to bring in new clients at a faster pace so we contracted AMJ to extend our reach into the internet.We ended up with the best financial year to date and our stylist continue to grow their customer base day by day. *Bookings, phone calls and inquiries come in daily, even when we're closed and our numbers have grown by 4x*. I would highly recommend AMJ  to any business - their work is unparalleled." 

Dianne Williams, President, Executive Hair Additions LLC


In today's economy, your website is the building block of your business's marketing efforts so we make website development one of our foundational services. Some web design and development companies spend weeks or even many months developing websites, but we have a different approach: we build websites lightning-fast  – sometimes in as little as one day.


It used to be that you had to pay an agency a princely fee for the pleasure of advertising your business – without knowing the results. Our digital advertising practice on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn not only gets you results, it gets you measurable results. Know exactly how much you pay for each new client acquired through AMJ's digital advertising services.

Social media

Facebook and Instagram marketing in particular have become an integral part of marketing strategy. AMJ devises tailored paid and organic solutions designed to make your potential customers aware of you, very aware of you. They say people are more likely to buy after seeing a business name at least 5 times. We understand exactly how to get you that exposure.


True to our name, at AMJ Sales and Marketing we believe that marketing without sales is pointless. The point is to sell. And there may be times when your in-house resources are too stretched to make the calls and set the appointments you need to get the cash register ringing. We offer coordinated sales and marketing services.


law firms

Attorneys & Legal firms

How many new leads did your practice attract last month? We ask because AMJ has a very detailed understanding of how to generate business for law firms. And we've seen other marketing firms offer expensive retainers for generic leads but that's not our approach. We don't buy lists, buy leads, or waste time with unqualified prospects. Instead, we build our own prospect lists of people who need your legal services.

Dentists, Physicians & Medical Practices

If you're a professional healthcare provider, or work for one, then you know that the name of the game is not finding just any customer – it's finding the right customer. We specialize in identifying and targeting exactly the right kinds of customers for your particular specialization. The only leads we send to your team, or to your office, are the ones who stand to benefit the most from your specialized services.


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Some people underestimate just how large and important the salon and spa industry is. Not AMJ. We know that the demand for high-quality spa and salons is getting bigger and bigger every year. And we know that busy spa owners don't necessarily have time to get the word out and make the phone ring. If you run a spa or beauty salon that provides high-quality services, we can help.

Online stores & Sales

You're different, you use the web to sell your offerings to anyone, anywhere, just like we us at AMJ. As digital marketers and advertising experts, we have a deep understanding of your business. Just ask our customers who now operate a successful Amazon storefront. Whatever you digital storefront, we'll help you get customers and sell your products online..


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