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How To Benefit From Google’s Latest Transition From Google Adwords To Google Ads

Digital advertising on Google is a multibillion-dollar business. Its portion of digital ad revenue worldwide has remained steady over the past few years, ranging from 32% to 33%. Yet with increasing competition from social media networks like Facebook, who experienced a 48% increase in ad revenue from 2016 to 2017, Google has seemingly recognized the need to serve its advertisers better.

For business owners who have been investing in PPC advertising for the past few years, you are no doubt familiar with the Google Adwords platform. However, earlier this year, Google rebranded and consolidated several of its marketing services into Google Ads. Their aim with rebranding the platform is to make it easier for small businesses to advertise and get better results.

Here are some of the ways businesses will benefit thanks to Google’s transition into Google Ads.

Advertise Across Platforms

On of the biggest reasons Google rebranded its ad platform to Google Ads is that it hoped to make it easier than ever for businesses to advertise across a variety of its platforms. With Google Ads, you can set up advertising to be displayed in Google’s search engine, in Google maps, display ads in Gmail, video ads in YouTube, and app ads in the Google Play network—all from one place.

Measure Results Easily

To track your marketing spend effectively, you need to be able to analyze data from each campaign and make improvements accordingly. Google Ads has made it easier than ever to see the metrics that matter most to you. At a glance, you can see how your campaign is performing over different periods of time, see which times of day are most popular for your ad, see what devices site visitors are using, and more.

Export Data Into Google Sheets

Recently, Google Ads rolled out an update that allows advertisers to export their campaign data directly into Google sheets. Some of the reports that this add-on exports include landing page reports, bid adjustments, video and display keywords, and more. This feature is especially useful for larger companies who manage multiple ads and for those who use a third-party to analyze their campaigns and offer meaningful insights.

Start With The End In Mind

With Google Ads, you can select a goal that you have in mind for your campaign so you can easily measure its effectiveness. Do you want potential customers to call or visit your business? Are you an ecommerce store going straight for the sale? Or do you want a site visitor to fill out a lead form? No matter what call to action you choose, you can create your next ad campaign by selecting the goal most important to you to obtain maximum results.

Make Use Of Smart Campaigns

With the release of Google Ads, business owners now have access to Google’s machine learning technology that continues to refine ads until they’re performing optimally, and all on autopilot. Thanks to Google’s commitment to innovation, their proprietary technology ensures that your ad is shown to the people most likely to interact with it. In fact, Google states that businesses who use Smart Campaigns are three times more likely to get their ad in front of the right people.

Improve Ads With Ad Strength

One of the most impressive updates that comes with Google Ads is the ad strength tool for responsive search and display ads. Google will analyze your ad campaigns and rank its strength as well as offer suggestions for ways to improve it. Your ad will be scored according to number of ad varieties, its relevance, and copy diversity.

Free Images For Display Ads

When you’re setting up your campaign, you no longer have to search for images you can use online or take your own. Now, Google will recommend copyright-free photos to use with your ad based on your ad copy and keywords. It will test different images and ad copy until it finds the combination that gets you the best results.

Despite all of the updates and improvements released with the rollout of Google Ads, there are even more on the horizon. We anticipate that Google will continue to work on improvements to its platform that match business owners with its advanced machine learning technology to get the absolute best results for everyone involved.

If you’re ready for a brand new PPC strategy for 2019, sign up for a free consultation here. Our focus is on getting you the absolute lowest cost per acquisition so your business can experience rapid growth.

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