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#1 Referral Program for Dentists

More Appointments | More Patients | More Revenue

High Ticket Patients Ready For treatment

Receive Cash & PPO paying patients (NO HMO NO MEDICARE NO MEDICAID) that are ready for treatment. You will see​

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Loose & Missing Crowns/Bridges

  • Chipped & Broken Teeth

  • Wisdom Tooth Removals

  • Major Toothaches & Infections

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How Much Does It Cost?

As a qualified member of AMJ's Dental Crisis Care network, you are entitled to new patient calls without any upfront fees. You can start receiving new patient calls within 24hours and you are responsible then for only paying once per week for new patients that walked through the door.

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Why AMJ?

As a leader in dental marketing & advertising, AMJ has tested thousands of ads and accrued valuable data which allow us to apply the best practices to your dental office, regardless of your location, which translates into you receiving the best results at the lowest prices. 

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